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Hello, my name is Kevin Steven Casilimas Ramírez

I was born in Ibague city in 26 th of June of 1998 to fifty-five past nine p.m.

I live in the block I house number two in the neighborhood citadel Cafasur.

This is my father, your name is José Ricardo Casilimas Guzman and he is

working in a aerial fumigation company.

This is my mother, your name is Marlelly Ramírez Tovar an she is

a dressmaker in a clothing store for women.

In my house are two brothers, I am the oldest.

I have two pets, the bigger is called Princess and the other Star.

My favorite food is the stuffed chicken.

I am a boy charismatic, cheerful, good guy friend and I like making new friends.

I will study in the Tolima university.

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I want be plastic surgeon, is my sleep greatest.

I like to practice the cycling and basketball.

My favorite soccer team is the athletic National, the green of the mountain.

My biggest phobia is losing a loved one.

This is my family, they are my reason for being and living.

This are my friends, with them I have spent many happy moments.

Pedagogical departure to the city of Ibagué. Promotion 2014.

Pedagogical departure to the pool the orange trees. Promotion 2014.

I admire the characters are my mother and my grandmother for your perseverance in the life.

I want travel to México for their culture and tourist sites.

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